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Membership & Registration at a Glance
IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

IAgrE Council & Executive Members

The Institution is governed by the Executive Committee and the Advisory Council.   We are delighted to have many excellent volunteers at IAgrE and a good number serve on our Advisory Council. 

The Council is composed of the President, President Elect, 3 Vice-Presidents, the immediate Past President, one other Past President, the Honorary Treasurer, the Chair of the Membership Committee, the Chair of the Professional Development Committee,  and a cross sections of Fellows, Members, Associate Members, Technician or Affiliate members, up to Student members and others co-opted as necessary. 

Members of the Executive are selected from the Council.  The Executive is composed of the President, President Elect, 3 Vice Presidents, the immediate Past President, one other Past President, the Honorary Treasurer, the Chair of the Membership Committee, one Fellow, one Member, one Associate Member and others co-opted as necessary.  

A representative from each IAgrE Branch is invited to attend Council to ensure good communication. 

We ask members of Council to share their photograph and a brief biography, which you can find below.  If you would like to speak to a member of Council or Executive and cannot find their contact details please contact the Secretariat.

Our Council members are listed below - members of Executive are shown with an asterix * :

  Steve Constable

  IAgrE President *

  Mark Moore

  President Elect *


  Paul Hemingway

  Immediate Past President *

  Rob Merrall

  Past President *

  Kit Franklin

  Vice President *


  Bruce Grieve

  Vice President *

  Rob Simmons

  Vice President *

  Jane Rickson

  Honorary Treasurer *

  Malcolm Carr-West

  Chair of Membership Cttee *

  Melvin Johnson

  Chair of Prof Dev Cttee

  Clare Butler Ellis

  Fellow *

  Martin Goodchild


  Simon Pearson


  David Thaemert


  Diogenes Antille


  Greig Farmer


  Vimbai Pachawo


  David Roe


  William Tuer


  Mike Whiting

  Member *

  Andrew Court

  Associate Member

  Adam Fryer 

  Associate Member

  Raymond King

  Associate Member *

  Karen Rial-Lovera

  Associate Member


  Andrew Downing


  Will Flittner


  Sam Scales


  Rhodri Williams



  Rachel Kellet


The following are co-opted members of Council and Executive, these members of Executive are not Trustees of the Institution and are marked **


Vacancy at present


 Parmjit Chima

  Harper Adams University

 Graham Higginson **

  Student Liaison & SocEnv

 Paul Miller **

  Douglas Bomford Trust

 Ruth Bailey

 Ex Officio - AEA


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