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IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

IAgrE Diversity & Inclusion

The Institution of Agricultural Engineers recognises that diversity and inclusion is important to achieve in our own organisation, in the industries and organisations where our members work and right across the breadth of agricultural and land-based engineering.

The Royal Academy of Engineering highlights the benefits of diversity: ‘A diverse workforce within a company strengthens it in all areas, including resilience, capacity to innovate, and improved financial performance’.

We are therefore embarking on a project to explore what needs to be done by the Institution to improve diversity and inclusion both for ourselves and our members’ workplaces.

We are looking for volunteers among our members to contribute to an initial working group that will participate in a diversity and inclusion benchmarking exercise organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

We particularly welcome participation by members who fall into the groups who are legally protected from discrimination (e.g. women, BAME, disabled, LGBT+, members of different religions) but also anyone who feels they don’t fit the ‘traditional’ stereotype of an agricultural engineer and would like to help make the Institution more welcoming.

Please get in touch with Sarah 01234 750876 if you are willing to help us get this project off the ground or to find out more.  Meetings will be held virtually, so you do not need to travel.   A big time commitment is not required either, just whatever you can contribute.   

Let’s work together to make the IAgrE an organisation where everyone who cares about agricultural engineering belongs!  

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