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Membership & Registration at a Glance
IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

Membership Grades

IAgrE offers membership grades for every stage of your career

For students following courses in scientific, engineering, agricultural engineering or other relevant technical subjects within the European Union.
For those who are actively involved or interested in the sector eg Farmers.
For those who are qualified at a vocational or technical level and have completed an apprenticeship or extended diploma. You will have built up early experience and career development.
This membership grade is only open to those who have recently completed their education and are commencing their career and offers a tiered membership fee over 5 years. After this time they are automatically upgraded to Member grade.
For those established in the sector who hold technical qualifications acceptable to IAgrE
For senior members of the sector holding technical qualifications acceptable to IAgrE

Upgrade Your Membership

We always welcome applications from existing members to upgrade their membership grade or add a professional registration (eg Incorporated Engineer) at any time.   

Student Membership

If you have been with us as a student member, then the transition to the grade of Pre-professional will be automatic.  Membership in this grade covers the twelve month period following your graduation.  Student members are eligible to upgrade to Affiliate (AIAgrE).

Postgraduate pre-professionals may be eligible to upgrade to Associate Member (AMIAgrE)

Other Membership Upgrades

If you are currently in IAgrE membership and wish to be considered for an upgrade in your membership grade, please complete the Application Form - this form and the Guidance notes to help you may be found in Forms & FAQs.    With your completed application form, you will also need to provide a current full and detailed CV which describes in detail your working history and experience.  Additionally we will need copies of academic certficiates and details of education/training.  

Non-corporate grades of Membership

The Student, Affiliate (AIAgrE) and Technician (TIAgrE) grades of membership are defined as “Non Corporate Grades”. This means that members at these grades cannot vote on official IAgrE matters.

As a licensed body of the Engineering Council and Society for the Environment, we can also offer professional registration.

All our members abide by our Code of Conduct which may be found on our Codes of Conduct webpage



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IAgrE offers membership grades for every stage of your
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