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Membership & Registration at a Glance
IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

Meet our IAgrE Members

IAgrE members can be found all over the world, working on a wide range of projects. Meet some of our members, find out more about their stories and how IAgrE has been beneficial to them in their careers. 

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David Thaemert

“When I was first registered as a Professional Engineer, I was proud to have taken such a  significant step in my career and proud to be able to expand my professional portfolio."

Daniel Hefft

"I went in all my school summer breaks into food manufacturing businesses and studied Food Science and Technology along with an engineering qualification in 2010. It is a journey, I have never regretted."

Steven CopnallSenior Development & Testing Engineer at Turfmech Machinery

"Gaining my IEng has helped me to gain professional confidence in my role and to expand my knowledge in areas where I need more experience, allowing me to work on larger projects and to take on more responsibility."

Amy Boothby

Amy is a third year student member at Harper Adams University, she is passionate about attracting more women into Agricultural Engineering

Keith Hawken
“The IAgrE plays a vital role in my career and engineering standing with my global peers.   My daily tasks take me to many different parts of the world where IAgrE is well known for its research engineers and scientists”

Scott Wilson

Scott is a Parlour Safe Technician and is the first member of this initiative to achieve his Engineering Technician status.  He works for Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd in Ayr.

Lawrence Otweyo Migire Gumbe
Lawrence is currently a professor in the Department of Biosystems and Envrionmental Engineering at the Technical University of Kenya.

Rebecca Cox

Rebecca is in her third year at Harper Adams University, studying Agricultural Engineering, she won a Poultry Council Scholarship and is awarded her placement year at Avara Foods.  Her passion for engineering was sparked with a school trip to Russia to see their Space Programme.

Jason Spalding
Jason is a mobile service technician and enjoys the variation and challenges it brings.  He never knows where or what his next job will bring so it keeps him on his toes!

Alexandra Cooke
“I love the soil science family.  Although numbers of us are increasing, there’s still not very many of us, and so in the UK we tend to all know and work with each other, like a close-knit family.  Its great to have that relationship with your colleagues”

Lyndon Bragg
"IAgrE has helped me develop my skills in my profession of civil engineering within a forestry environment. I chose to become a member of this professional body to benefit from specialised training programmes, the opportunity for networking and mentoring opportunities, and to hear industry news."


Joe Matthews
"When you talk to people that are not in agriculture and you tell them you are a Master Technician they understand; it has a certain status and prestige."

Dr Diogenes Antille
“I wanted to achieve Professional registration as it demonstrates competence in the area of practice, and commitment to professional standards, which requires knowledge and skills to be continually updated and enhanced”

Helen Davies
“I wanted to achieve professional registration as a Chartered Environmentalist because I felt the recognition gained would help me make a more positive impact across the wider industry.  Membership of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers has given me access to information on new industry technology and innovation and also invaluable help and support to achieve this status.”

Sam Moulding

IAgrE Member Sam Moulding left school at 16 to start a 4 year apprenticeship based at Easton & Otley College in Norfolk, he now supervises a busy workshop on a G's Farm.

Alasdair Wyllie

A career in agricultural engineering could be the key to open a rewarding and interesting career  

One IAgrE member, Alasdair Wyllie has done just that.  Alasdair is the agricultural adviser to the Government of Tristan da Cunha, a job he has done since 2016.  He lives on the island with his wife Bee and overseas the farming enterprises on the island.

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