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Membership & Registration at a Glance
IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

Steven Copnall IEng MIAgrE

Career Profile

What does your job involve?

My main duties include designing and implementing product test programmes to replicate product life and working conditions required for product improvements and new product testing. I am also involved in new product, process introduction and improving manufacturing quality and implemented changes where necessary.

What do you like most about your job?

Being technically minded, I enjoy problem solving and developing new methods to improve product quality and learning new technologies.

What is the greatest challenge you face?

Learning new things always seems particularly daunting and challenging. But with hard work and determination they start to look easier and simpler

What advice would you give anyone thinking of a career in landbased engineering?

Land based engineering offers an exciting and dynamic career with a variety of roles available with a clear need for more skilled engineers to design, develop and maintain new technologies through this ever-changing industry. Due to advancing technologies within this sector it is an exciting time to utilise or develop your technical ability and scientific knowledge.

Who has influenced your career most?

I would say my current Company Managers have influenced me the most, not only have they mentored and encouraged me through my professional registration. But also, they initially aspired me to decide upon professional development to progress my career.

Our company has a strong brand which is reflected by the qualities of its team workers/leaders whom are passionate about their work, continually constructive and have a sense of care for each other’s success. It is this that has aspired me to develop to a senior level within the company.

Questionnaire - Professional Registration and your Career

Professional qualifications:        
HNC Building Studies
HNC Mechanical Engineering
ONC Mechanical Engineering

‚ÄčGrade of IAgrE Membership
Incorporated Engineer

Company working for and job title
Turfmech Machinery – Senior Development & Testing Engineer

What path did you take to get to your present role?  (O/A Levels, College, work experience)?
Studied HNC Level part time through university while working full time

Why and when did you decide to join IAgrE and what makes you decide to stay in membership?
I decided to join IAgrE as part of my professional development

What inspired you to work towards gaining a professional qualification?
The framework involved is the ideal method which I prefer to develop and learn. Being set deadlines and certain criteria is the best way for me to build upon my knowledge. And seemed a good way to focus my previous qualifications and eagerness for personal development

How easy was it to become professionally registered - (MIAgrE -  EngTech – CEng, IEng, MIAgrE) how did IAgrE help you?

  • Was the registration process easy?

This was a straightforward process but I did have the advantage that my Manager had just completed his CEng, so I was aware of the process and stages involved.

  • Was it easy to talk to IAgrE, did we make the process easy and if so how?

IAgre were very informative and encouraging and also helped with my process as extra assessment work was required due to my qualifications not being listed on the IAgrE system as their standard acceptance criteria.

  • Is there one particular element that you found really helpful?

The CPD Continued Professional Development gave me the guidance I needed to focus my career progress

  • How long did the process take? Approx 18mths

 Where relevant – How has achieving EngTech/IEng/CEng benefitted your career or how do you think having an EngTech/IEng/CEng qualification will benefit your career?

This helped me to gain professional confidence in my role and to expand my knowledge in areas where I need more experience, allowing me to work on larger projects and to take on more responsibility. This also shows my, colleagues, customers and suppliers that I have the competence and professionalism to maintain and uphold my engineering position giving them confidence in my working capabilities.  

What advice would you give someone considering professional registration?

I would recommend using the official websites to see the professional grade competences required and understand how you are going to record your evidence and particularly, what is exactly required. For me, it was best to hold regular reviews to set myself goals to complete required projects which covered the necessary competences.

What is your employer’s attitude, were they supportive, did they help you work towards professional registration?

My employer has been very encouraging and supportive towards professional development, allowing me to take on a variety of projects to meet the required competence and commitment standard for my professional grade. They have also celebrated my success with press releases and social media publishing.

What are your future goals?

I will be looking to build on my knowledge and skills learnt and take on more challenging roles within the company. I am aiming to progress my role and the company’s capabilities of product testing providing reliable products for the world market.

I will also aim to continue my CPD format to give myself timescales and actions to proceed my personal development.

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