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IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

Keith Hawken

Keith Hawken is the Technical and Standards Director of the Agricultural Engineers Association, one of the oldest trade associations established in the UK and founded in 1875. Keith is a Chartered Engineer achieved via IAgrE and Engineering council programme thanks to mentorship from Dr Steve Parkin. He continued to progress to Eur Ing status in 2008 which complimented his University and practical background gained during his time with the Robert Bosch group.

Keith's work

He is Chairman of several British national standards committees involved with agricultural tractors, forestry machinery, Implements, mowers, outdoor power equipment, trailers, and crop protection equipment, as well as ISO Chairman for harvesting and conservation equipment since 2008 and ISO forestry machinery since 2014. 

The vital role of IAgrE in Keith’s career

Keith adds "The IAgrE plays a vital role in my career and engineering standing with my global peers. My daily tasks take me to many different parts of the world where IAgrE is well known for its research engineers and scientists, and I do make a difference with technical solutions with similar minded colleagues who respect this background. I have a great bond in USA with ASABE, China with CAAMS, Germany with DLG and Club of Bologna who all want to know about IAgrE activities."

My work as a volunteer with IAgrE

"Through my work I help both AEA and IAgrE/EurAgEng members understand the complexities of standards and legislation and I am really enjoying meeting people at our local branch meetings as the diversity of the industry flows. I am part of the team that assesses new membership applications through the IAgrE Membership Committee, which is a wonderful experience meeting new innovative people, and who I strongly encourage to follow a professional qualification route where applicable. I am also a great advocate of CPD and have represented IAgrE at meetings involving other industries. I am a member of several institutes but the IAgrE is the most natural, friendly and professional of them all."

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