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Candidates with Exceptional Experience

For those technicians with exceptional experience, there is a process of assessment to evaluate the appropriate level of Parlour Safe registration.

All applicants must be registered at Parlour Safe Category 1 first. This is purely for registration and assessment purposes, registering an interest in the scheme but not necessarily dictating the candidate’s Parlour Safe level. Once the candidate has registered, he or she should submit a CV and portfolio of evidence which outlines current qualifications. This portfolio should document their experience as a milking equipment technician and show evidence of continued training and development. The candidate will then be asked to conduct a telephone interview to confirm the most appropriate Parlour Safe level that applies to him or her, be advised of the next steps and advice on the candidate's options can then be offered.

This route is open to ALL candidates who feel they do qualify for grandparent rights but have missed the deadline. We are happy to consider any candidate through this process, independent or otherwise affiliated, provided they have the necessary experience.

Once you have registered at Category 1, please forward your CV and Portfolio for the attention of:

Ruth Bailey, CEO MEA
Samuelson House
62 Forder Way