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Parlour Safe New Registration CAT1

You must be registered at Parlour Safe CAT1 before applying for other levels

Who is this for

  • Apprentice
    No minimum entry requirements but must be above (current) school leaving age. It will be expected that a CAT1 will be employed as a new entrant or apprentice.
  • Skilled
    Recently employed and skilled individual who has not yet undergone workplace assessment for transfer upwards.

How to register

  • Self register now (or by Dealer) online (please note you will be taken to a separate website). There is currently no charge for registration as CAT1. There is no expiry date or need to renew. After 6 years the names will be deleted and it will be assumed that the registrant has progressed to CAT2 or has left the industry.

What do we give you?

Those on the CAT1 register will:

  • need to supply and maintain an up to date email address
  • not receive a registration card
  • not receive mailings (but may receive ‘Technical or Career Development’ information via email)
  • not have ‘online’ details access but may request personal details in line with the data protection act.

The CAT1 register will simply be a holding point for information to assist the industry with the maintenance of statistical data.

Those on the CAT1 register will be eligible to become Affiliate members of  the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) – AIAgrE on payment of a fee and eligible to use the letters AIAgrE after their name. In such cases, the IAgrE Process fee of £10 will be waived.

Progression beyond CAT1

This will be by assessment and successful completion of Year 1 of the Reaseheath Qualification.