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IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

Engineering for Food

IAgrE Seminar - "Food Extrusion: Engineering or witchcraft?" Thursday 16 September 2021 10am-12noon - The speakers, Dennis Forte and Gordon Young are food engineering consultants from Australia, and are highly experienced in extrusion processing.  They have been presenting industry training courses in extrusion and related areas for more about 25 years, with annual courses in Norway, Switzerland, Chile, and Thailand, as well as in Australia - the recording of the seminar may be found on our IAgrE Videos YouTube Channel.  Gordon & Dennis have written several informative books which may be found here.  They also run courses and you can learn more here.

IAgrE Powder Handling and Granular Flow Seminar - Thursday 24 June 2021 - for those working within food, processing, engineering, technology & research, this webinar will explore the challenges and diverse approaches to Powder Handling & Granular Flow - this was a fascinating event and the presentations and recordings will found here in due course.

IAgrE Honey Technology Seminar - Weds 21 April 2021 - For those working within food, engineering, technology & research on the subject of honey - The programme included 5 speakers and ran from 12noon to 1.30pm BST - this was a very popular event and we hope to repeat something similar in the future - the speaker presentations and the YouTube playlist links may be found on this page

IAgrE Dairy Event - 22-26 February - For those working within food, engineering, technology & research and gave an overview of the future of the dairy industry worldwide - The programme was recorded in  daily sessions from 12noon to 1pm GMT each day and featured 2 speakers - the recordings may be found on the Dairy Seminar Playlist on the IAgrE Videos YouTube Channel

Engineering for Food & Drink Seminar - December 2020 - The Engineering for Food Group recently held their first online Seminar on various aspects of this subject in Europe and Africa and the recordings are available on the IAgrE Videos YouTube page in a playlist - find it here


The end of the 20th century and the global realisation that nature’s resources are finite introduced two new dimensions, other than growth and profitability, to the food industry namely; Environmental and Sustainability issues.

A recent report from the Ellen Mc Arthur foundation entitled “Cities and the Circular Economy” for Food puts a number on it; for every $1 spent on food $2 is incurred to produce it.

The need to re-engineer our existing food system from a consumer’s perspective, future population and urbanisation growth and or a greater societal cost creates no doubt that a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of the entire food chain and its practices is required.

“At the heart of re-engineering is the notion of discontinuous thinking—of recognizing and breaking away from outdated rules and fundamental assumptions that underlie existing operations. Unless we change these rules, we are merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”.  Hammer & Champy.

Given societal costs and consequences as related to current global food production unless we re-engineer the industry from farm to fork then Hammer’s apt metaphor applies. 

Unlike other engineering disciplines, there is still no universally accepted definition of the term Food Engineering in place! (Kostaropoulos AE. Food Engineering within Sciences of Food).

Our IAgrE member Daniel Hefft, a passionate food engineer defines food engineering as:

“Food Engineering is a technical multidisciplinary profession that deals with the system and structures of food, production processes as well as physical, (bio)chemical and biological transformation processes. It is based on scientific laws and economical, ecological and social, cultural and religious norms.”

IAgrE seeks to promote food engineering as a worthwhile and rewarding career and aims to do this by: 

  • promoting food engineering as its own discipline within the wider engineering profession
  • promoting the need to change existing food production methods into more sustainable and environmentally attuned methods in harmony with the agricultural/biosystems engineering community – its historic home
  • liaising with academia to recognise and research the need to develop to promote food engineering
  • improving communications within food engineering communities/ opening up new channels
  • building international partnerships around food production and process
  • supporting food engineers in the development of their career and work towards professional registration
  • promoting food engineering as a worthwhile and rewarding career
  • supporting and creating events in the field around food engineering

Food engineering related courses may be studied in the UK at:

University of Nottingham:      MSc Food Process Engineering

Teesside University:   BSc (Hons) Food Technology and Engineering

                                    MSc Food Process Engineering

Sheffield Hallam University: BSc (Hons) Food Engineering

If you want to get in touch with us, please contact  IAgrE member Daniel Hefft or Jahinder Momi or Associate Prof at Nottingham University Séamus Higgins.

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