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Pioneering Technology

The Pioneering Technology Specialist Group was established to make members aware of our great agricultural engineering heritage.

This may be summed up by a quote from Henry Ford “the more a man looks backwards the further they can see forward” or another quotation that also summarises the aims in “If we don’t know where we have come from, how do we know where we are going to?”

The Pioneering Technology Specialist Group was initiated by William Waddilove with support from members of the West Midlands Branch who also identified with this ethos.

In common with many members of the Institution, members of the branch had during their careers seen many great developments. In addition seen many things which in their day were great inventions fall into obsolescence but we can learn from them all.

The interest group is open to all members. It aims to organise at least one visit per year of broad interest with a focus on developments of the past from which we can learn.

Recent past visits have included Charlcote Water Mill; a fully operational commercially run water mill, Marton Museum of Rural Bygones coupled with the Model Engineering Exhibition , Chedham’s Yard and The Dunsfold Collection of Land Rovers.

During lockdown the Institution held a Lunchtime Lecture on Frederick Lanchester - you can learn more at the Interactive Lanchester Museum

If anyone is organising an event or meeting that is of interest in this sphere we would be keen to publicise it as a PTSG event. Please contact the office or email [email protected]


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