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IAgrE supports World Engineer Day - 4 March 2020

Today has been declared 'World Engineering day for Sustainable Development' by UNESCO. The date was chosen in acknowledgment of the formation of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations on 4 March 1968.

Whilst many organisations have commented on the importance of engineering and engineers in solving the world's sustainability problems, sadly there is little mention of agricultural engineering. The Institution of Agricultural Engineers,recognizes that many systems of food production are unsustainable and, without change, many of the current approaches will continue to degrade the environment as well as contributing to climate change and the destruction of biodiversity. The goal is to encourage the farming industry and the agricultural engineering business community to work with the innovators and educators to meet the needs of agriculture, novel engineering and business opportunity.

The CEO of the IAgrE, Ed Hansom, says: "Hopefully today will show how engineering touches all of our lives in many different and often unexpected ways. Agricultural Engineering, in particular, can make a significant contribution to modern farming techniques, without damaging the environment, through reducing emissions, controlling pests better, improving yields through 'smart' farming techniques that actually require less human interventions and maintaining soil quality."