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Martin Parsons gains CEnv Registration

We are delighted to share the news that Martin Parsons of Perkins Engines has recently gained his Chartered Environmentalist Registration.  Martin has worked at Perkins since 1979 and is currenly Senior Engineering Specialist.  Martin has been at the cutting edge of innovative engineering, leading many projects and gaining several patents.  He gained his CEng through IMechE in 1985 and was keen to add CEnv to his registrations.following his increasing interest in the environment.

In 2014 Martin started a self-funded two year CRES course, including modules on "The Living World", "Introducing Biodiversity", "The Biological Environment", "The Physical Environment" and "Carbon Dioxide Stabilisation, Energy & Climate", graduating in 2016 with distinction.  He is now an advocate for the Wildlife Trust of Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire within Caterpillar and hopes this partnership will continue.  Martin is also the secretary of the Langdyke Countryside Trust, which manages 5 smaill nature reserves north west of Peterborough.

We congratulate Martin on his achievement.