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Call for Action - Crop Robotics Code of Practice

Get involved in the development of a standard for crop robot equipment

At our recent lunchtime presentation (see the recording here), BSI and key member of the UK committee, Professor James Lowenberg-DeBoer of Harper Adams University shared information and answered questions about the current development of a new national standard for crop robot use.

A crop robot code of practice standard could help reduce uncertainties, enable farmers to take advantage of the technology, and facilitate the development of a crop robot manufacturing sector. Also, a pro-active agreement among key stakeholders on a standard would be a robust and preferable option for users, helping to support existing legislation.

BSI, as the National Standards Body for the UK, has researched this topic in some depth with key experts in the field (including members from IAgrE, academics, researchers, regulators and other industry and consumer representatives) and has concluded that there is a good case to develop a national standard with expert participation from these stakeholders.  

Call to action: BSI and IAgrE would welcome your involvement in the development of this new Code of Practice Standard for the use of crop robots, and hope that you will share your input, knowledge and expertise to develop a standard that will bring benefit to the industry and its stakeholders.  

Please contact: [email protected] if you’d like to get involved in the development of this standard.