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Whats new from IAgrE?

We are working on bringing you innovative and interesting news and information snippets and looking at the various media channels such as podcasts, zoom recordings, Whats App, Facebook, Instagram etc.

We really want all our members to stay connected and welcome any feedback, ideas you may have that can help communicate in a better way during this challenging time in all our lives.

To begin we are developing a series of video podcasts designed to keep you informed, interested and in touch and the first of the series is one about the importance of CPD, what it means and how simple it is to get engaged, recorded by our CEO Ed Hansom.  Click here for the link or watch below

Don’t forget we want to hear from you about ideas on subjects, people to interview, in fact any way we can communicate more effectively with you.  All ideas welcome just send a email to [email protected] and Marion will be delighted to get in touch and explore ideas.