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J C Machinery wins the Ivel Innovation Award at LAMMA 2020

JC Machinery has been awarded the IAgrE Ivel Award at LAMMA 2020 for the Vredo Crop Drill System (CDS).

The innovation was presented because the CDS demonstrated a clear ability to be used in a wide rotation of grasses and cereal crops, extending the machine’s use, reducing establishment fuel costs and promoting soil health.

The CDS enables the Vredo to sow arable crops directly on corn stubbles without any tillage at a 15cm row distance. The machine keeps its well-known features for grassland overseeding (7.5cm), making it the only machine that can overseed on grass and arable land.

The Ivel Award is presented at LAMMA by the Institute of Agricultural Engineers in memory of Dan Alborne, inventor of the first successful light farm tractor. It is given to a product or innovation with the most positive impact on the environment, with previous prestigious winners have including SOYL, Garfords, Trelleborg, the Witham Group and Mzuri.

Ed Hansom CEO of IAgrE, who presented the Ivel Award to John Campey Managing Director of JC Machinery, said:  “The Vedro Crop Drill System is highly innovative, has significant benefits for the environment and represents real economic benefits to the end user.”

JC Machinery also won a Silver award in the LAMMA arable innovation category for the Vredo Crop System.