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IAgrE Ivel Award Winner 2017

Innovative lubricant wins Ivel Award

The Witham Group, manufacturers of a huge range of commercial lubricants and paints has won the Ivel Award for best new product or environmental innovation for a product called  Prolan’, an environmentally friendly, protective lubricant that provides incredibly long lasting protection from rust and corrosion.

Prolan is unique as it’s made from lanolin derived from sheep’s wool and a blend of natural oils. It is a powerful natural moisturiser and protector which has proven to be extremely effective for preventing corrosion, even in the toughest environments.

Prolan lubricants provide outstanding protection of farm equipment, keeping it lubricated to prevent breakdowns that can be caused by corrosion.  It acts as a rust shield and can extend the longevity of farm machinery, therefore adding value to eventual resale.

The judges said: the product has multi industry worldwide appreciation for protecting against rust, corrosion and galvanitic attack. Developed from an agricultural waste, researched and formulated it can be applied in a number of ways to a very wide range of equipment.   

Nigel Bottom managing director said, “Prolan is completely natural, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and so surpasses other petrochemical products as a safer, environmentally sustainable alternative.   It is these green credentials that got the product range shortlisted for this year’s LAMMA Innovation awards in the environmental category.”  Read more about Prolan here.

The IAgrE awards committee decided in 2007 that it would be fitting for the Institution to celebrate the name of Dan Albone and the memory of the Ivel tractor by making an annual award using the Ivel name.  The committee felt that this award should be for a new product or innovation which will have the most positive impact on the environment.