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Best practice workshop for international professional agricultural engineering institutions

The Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) hosted a workshop at the Secretariat at Cranfield University in the UK. This was attended by representatives of IAgrE, The Pan African Society of Agricultural Engineers (AfroAgEng) and the European Society of Agricultural Engineers.

The purpose was to share best practice regarding membership development, recruitment, governance and communications between all three bodies.

Attending on behalf of AfroAgEng was Ipeleng Maroo-Maseko, Vice President of the South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers, EurAgEng Secretary General Andy Newbold Hon FiAgrE and IAgrE CEO Charlie Nicklin.

The workshop was part of a week long Building Better Practice Programme for UK Visit to Professional Bodies, Visit Hosted by the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE).

Also attending the workshop was undergraduate Agricultural Engineering student, Izzy Newbold, who was able to share with the group a little regarding her journey to decide on a career in agricultural engineering.

IAgrE CEO Charlie Nicklin commented ‘ Its great to be able to get together and share best practice across the world.”

Likewise EurAgEng Secretary General Andy Newbold said ‘despite the obvious geographical differences, the common themes and opportunities to collaborate and support each other are substantial for all parties”.