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Membership & Registration at a Glance
IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

More about volunteering for a Committee

Find out more about volunteering for our main committees:
1. Membership Committee
2. Advisory Council
3. Executive Committee
4. Read about members' experience of volunteering

Membership Committee 

When & Where?

The membership committee holds 6 meetings per year, every 2 months from February to December.  These are usually held online or at Cranfield and last for approx. 2 hours.

What does the Committee do?

Attend the meetings and be interested.  The Committee is responsible for assessing whether applications are suitable for membership and at what grade.  They also advise on suitability for Registration as a Chartered Engineer, Chartered Environmentalist, Incorporated Engineer, Registered Environmental Technician and Engineering Technician.

Volunteers from the Committee hold Professional Review Interviews and complete assessments for the Institution.

The Membership Committee also make sure that the procedures used by the Institution are fit for purpose and keep up to date

It sounds complicated but don’t worry, you don’t need experience as full training will be given.

How long will I be on the Committee?

The time is not set but we suggest 5-7 years is ideal.  It gives you time to learn the ropes and then to settle into assisting.  However you are in charge and we are happy for you to volunteer for any length of time.

How do I get involved?

Just give us a ring or send an email – Alison is the Membership Secretary and committee members work closely with her – she’s always happy to have a chat.

IAgrE Advisory Council

When & Where?

Advisory Council meet twice a year - usually March & October – once Is likely to be online and once will be an away day – with the meeting in the morning and an opportunity for a visit in the afternoon.  Recently we have been hosted by LIAT, Pershore College, HAU, JCB, and NFPC for example.

What does the Council do?

The Council is here to advise the Executive Committee.  They are often given a topic to discuss so that Executive can implement the outcomes or task the Secretariat to take forward a project.  They can also make suggestions to the Executive, giving members an active voice in the management of the Institution.

The Council is drawn from all grades of Membership including Student and Affiliate grades in order that all voices can be heard.

How long will I be on Council?

The usual term is 2 years but this can be extended if you wish to a second term.  Executive Members are also members of Council so if you become an Executive Member your term will be longer.

How do I get involved?

Council Members are elected at the AGM each year so if you want to stand then let Sarah know and she will put you on the list – we don’t usually have enough volunteers to require an election so the more the merrier.

Executive Committee

When & Where?

The Executive Committee meet at least 3 times per year, January, April & September.  These are a mixture of online and in person meetings and may well include hybrid meetings in future.

The Executive is composed of:


President Elect

Immediate Past President

One Past President

3 Vice Presidents

Honorary Treasurer

Chair of the Membership Committee

3 members of various grades

Co-opted members as needed

This mix ensures a good spread of experience across the committee.  Members of Executive are drawn from Council and we rely on volunteers.

What does Executive do?

The Executive Committee are Trustees of the Institution and have the responsibility of ensuring it is run in the interests of its members and follows the law.  The Executive act as a sounding board for the CEO and Secretariat staff and direct and support the activities of the Institution. 

How long will I be on Executive?

Each position has a term of 2 years, but members may be re-elected for a further term of 2 years.  If you become the President Elect then you would expect to serve terms as President, Immediate Past President and one other President before your term ends – thus some volunteers serve for 10-12 years in various roles.

How do I get involved?

As with Council Executive members are volunteers.  It is usual for them to have served on Council at some point as this gives experience of the process.  If you would like to join Executive then please contact Sarah and she will add you to the list of volunteers and we can check with you when elections are organised in the first quarter of each year.

Why I volunteer

We are compiling some contributions from volunteering members, if you have a positive experience to share please get in touch.

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