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The IAgrE President's Award


The newly renamed The IAgrE President's Award replaces the Michael Dwyer Memorial Prize, which was initiated by the Council of the Institution to celebrate the life of Dr Michael Dwyer who died suddenly in August 1997 whilst in the second of his two year term of office as President of the Institution. It was decided to call for donations from Branches, Specialist Groups and individual members of the Institution, with the objective of establishing a fund with which to provide an annual prize.

Bearing in mind the interests of Michael in the training and formation of young engineers, Council decided that the prize shall be awarded to a mid-career engineer who has made outstanding progress in the agricultural engineering industry.

Any person, regardless of race or nationality, may be considered for the award provided nothing is known about him or her which would, by association, bring the Institution into disrepute.

Submission of proposals
Nominations will be considered each year by an Awards Panel, which will make recommendations to  Executive for approval.

  1. Each nomination should consist of a draft citation stating briefly the achievements of the nominee, together with an appendix giving more detailed information in support of the proposal.
  2. Proposals should be submitted to the Awards panel by email or in writing. The Awards Panel may wish to seek further information from sponsors and will consider its final recommendation, to be placed before the meeting of Executive in January.
  3. The Award will normally be presented at the AGM & Awards Ceremony held in April/May.
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