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Landwards Conference 2020 - Simon Pearson

Lean Supply Chains

Professor Simon Pearson, Lincoln Institute of AgriFood Technology

Professor Simon Pearson is the Director of the Lincoln Institute of Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), which sits within the College of Science at the University of Lincoln.
As Director of LIAT Simon helps develop and run cross disciplinary research projects on behalf of the agri-food sector. This includes a large focus on the use and deployment of agri-food robotic systems, including robotic crop harvesting and food processing systems, use of autonomous vehicles in the agri-food sector, the application of actuators within agri-food robotic systems.

Simon’s research interests include; a diverse range of agri technology applications including robotic systems, automation, energy control and management, food safety systems and novel crop development. The environmental physiology of fresh produce and ornamental crops, including impacts on crop quality and development. Post-harvest physiology of vegetables, fruits and cut flowers, including the use of modified atmosphere packaging. The effects of light manipulation on crop growth and development, including the development and application of greenhouse spectral filters and LED lighting systems. The development of on farm decision support systems from remote sensing information. The development of pre and post farm gate supply and demand forecasting systems.

Prior to joining Lincoln, he was the CEO of a large UK farming company, worked for Marks and Spencer plc in a technical role and as a scientist at the University of Reading.

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