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Membership & Registration at a Glance
IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

International Membership

International Electronic Membership for those in Low Income Countries

Electronic International Membership rates are available to those of our members who live and work in countries defined as ‘low-income’, ‘low-middle income’ based on per capita income by the World Bank and who would struggle financially to pay the full UK subscription rate. In such instances, the individual member should write to us explaining their financial situation and requesting that we apply the developing country rate to their own IAgrE subscription. We can then make a decision based upon their individual circumstances.  This is available at Affiliate grade only, the cost is £25.00 per annum.

Membership will be conducted by email. Thus the main reduction in benefit will be that routine postal mailings from IAgrE (such as Landwards) will not take place. Members will still receive full benefits including electronic access to Landwards and any other publications available electronically by logging in to the members' area of the IAgrE website.

The annual membership subscriptions under the scheme are based on the World Bank's income classifications please contact the Secretariat for details. 

Please note if you wish to apply for a higher grade of membership or Professional Registration please contact Alison at the Secretariat who will be pleased to help and advise.

You can apply for membership by completing our Application Form, which can be found in Forms & FAQs 

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