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Lunchtime Lecture - Hi-tech in the milking shed

Lunchtime Lecture - Hi-tech in the milking shed

IAgrE member John Baines - JRB (Dairy) Consulting Ltd guides us though the latest in dairy innovation.

Milk, and milk products, are staple foods for many people around the world.  Milking cows, and other animals is as old as civilisation.  So, what could be more pastoral than the image of farmers caring for, and milking, the animals which feed them and their families?

Engineering, along with science and technology, enable that same level of care to be applied to herds of all sizes.  This presentation describes how technology is applied to dairy farming and continues to develop.

John Baines MIAgrE is a specialist in Milking Technology, he began his career with MAFF & ADAS before spending 20 years will Fullwood Ltd/Fusion Electronics as the Technical Director, leading a team of specialist engineers developing automation in milking systems.  He now runs JRB (Dairy) Consulting Ltd, providing specialist technical consultancy to the MEA, farmers and others.  His experience of milking systems is not limited to cows but covers sheep, goats, buffalo and even camels!

12/10/2021 - 1pm-2pm
Online Technical Talk