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Lunchtime Lecture - Use of Hydraulics improving productivity whilst lowering emissions

Lunchtime Lecture - Use of Hydraulics improving productivity whilst lowering emissions

Taking experience from other Blue Economy applications (Offshore Wind & Wave Energy), Danfoss are looking to explore other possible commercial areas for their Pioneering Intelligence Product called DDP (Digital Displacement Pump). This is a Next Generation Hydraulic pump with high efficiency across a wider speed range, with flexibility built in that can unlock potentials of improved productivity & response. This pump can deliver Independent Flow & Pressure from multiple ports (3 or 4 outlets) allowing new System Architectures to be created which help with energy & cost reduction along with this increased performance. In this Digital age the pump with its range of sensors can supply valuable data on pump status & condition back to your HMI via the Pumps dedicated Microprocessor. This level of control can give a high degree of accuracy due to pump response times of 30mS, opening up great possibility in Robotic repeatability. In most Hydraulic systems the exact flow requirement to an end user is usually dictated by some measure of throttling, this creates not only heat (maybe not an issue if you are submerged) but inefficiencies in the system….imagine you could deliver the exact flow to that motor or cylinder in a precise and repeatable manner. The pump compared to existing Technology requires little power on start-up and when on idle.…you can physically turn the shaft of this 100cc pump with two fingers due to almost no inertia. That is unique in this industry.

Craig Grant has been involved with Hydraulics for over 30 years now holding positions within the Top 4 Global manufacturers and moved to Danfoss in 2018 to spearhead the commercialization of this Technology developed in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been an active member of the IAgrE since 1996 and is a past Chairman of FEG.

“I have over 30 years experience in the hydraulics industry and I am very excited to be involved with this cutting edge technology.  I am proud to have watched it grow from a small incubator facility within Edinburg University to become a driving force in hydraulic efficiency,” said Craig

20/04/2021 - 1pm-2pm
Online Technical Talk