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Lunchtime Lecture - The AEA "Look behind you" Guide - why are we still talking about Tractor-trailer braking in the UK?

Lunchtime Lecture - The AEA

It’s over ten years since the original AEA ‘Look Behind You’ Guide to tractor-trailer braking highlighted the widespread problem of inadequate agricultural trailer brakes in the UK.  Based on the findings of a HSE/DfT/Industry-funded research study undertaken by Scarlett Research Ltd, the original Guide sought to inform owners and users of important trailer braking system design features and how their correct selection and use could help avoid premature tractor brake failures. 

In November 2020 the AEA launched a new, revised ‘Look Behind You’ Guide.  Much has changed over the last decade.  Machines are now larger and can travel faster.  Trailer braking systems have evolved and both UK & EU vehicle legislation has changed.  But have the consequences of these changes been appreciated?  If not, what are the best ways to get the messages across?

If not for personal financial gain(?), why exactly is Andy Scarlett still talking about tractor-trailer brakes in 2021?  Intrigued?  Why not come along to the IAgrE Lunchtime Lecture and find out?

Dr Andy Scarlett has been engaged in agricultural engineering research since 1985, the last 30 years mainly concerning agricultural vehicles.  He spent 16 years at Silsoe Research Institute, latterly responsible for management of tractor and field machinery-related research and testing activities.

Scarlett Research Ltd was formed in 2005, following the closure of Silsoe Research Institute.  The company specialises in delivery of engineering-related research & development and technical consultancy services regarding agricultural tractors, machinery and self-propelled vehicles to public and private sector customers in land-based industries.  When not at his desk, Dr Scarlett farms in Norfolk. 

11/05/2021 - 1pm-2pm
Online Technical Talk