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AgriTech 4.0 - Crops, Seeds & Soil

AgriTech 4.0 - Crops, Seeds & Soil

Conference Agenda Key Focus Areas:

Digital Technology and Data Support for the Farm; Enhancing Crops, Seeds and Soil on the Farm; Developing and Integrating Solutions into Sustainable Farming; Supporting the Transition to Environmental Land Management (ELM); Continued Steps in Implementing Technology and Processes Into the Farm

The event will host up to 45 unique presentations from farms, farmers, research & development, technology and solution providers over the two days of the event providing you an insight into the latest developments and industry requirements.  

AgriTech 4.0: Crops, Seeds & Soil 4.0 focuses on the key aspects of enhancing technology, research, practises, and processes for the farm to improve the development and evolution of sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Improving our technology, practices, processes, and methods can lead to healthy soils, that when combined with the right seeds and managed effectively is capable of producing high quality, nutrient dense crops whilst simultaneously improving and leading to productive sustainable farms. 

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21/10/2022 to 04/11/2022 - All Day - 2 day event