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Agri-EPI Conference: The Path to Sustainable Farming

Agri-EPI Conference: The Path to Sustainable Farming

Agri-EPI Centre’s annual conference brings together key stakeholders from across the agriculture sector, offering an opportunity for farmers, agri-tech experts and academics to connect, network and discuss crucial matters facing the industry.

This year’s theme, The Path to Sustainable Farming, encourages attendees to consider agri-tech’s role in the future of farming and how it can support farms to improve productivity, sustainability & resilience across the diverse range of soils, systems, objectives and infrastructure that comprise the UK farming sector.

With such variability and other factors that influence farm decisions including agricultural policy, the discussion at the conference will provide essential insights into the future path to sustainable farming.


10:30 Different Farming systems - one sustainable goal

Farmers in conversation about their different farming systems from regenerative to conventional to organic. We will hear about the variability on-farm and their experience with agri-tech and smart farming

11:15 Agri-tech enabling sustainable farming

What is the role of agri-tech data and smart solutions to support farms to produce more sustainably?

12:00 Getting agri-tech on-farm - adoption & integration

Exploring the agri-tech journey from developing software and tech solutions to delivering them on-farm.

13:00 Expo & Networking 

28/10/2021 to 28/11/2021 - 10am-3pm