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IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.

The IAgrE email forwarding service


What is an email alias?

It is an address linked to your existing email address. Any mail addressed to you at [email protected] is automatically forwarded to your nominated address.

Why use an email aliasing service?

Many addresses are cryptic (and often meaningless and therefore hard to remember) and may be long and complex. Using the IAgrE service means you maintain a brief meaningful address. It also means that you can change your own email provider at any time (to a cheaper or more convenient or useful provider) and, by notifying us immediately, can receive an uninterrupted service without having to tell all you correspondents of any change.

Will there be any delay in receipt of email addressed through

Yes but it will only be a matter of seconds in normal usage.

Terms and Conditions

The IAgrE email forwarding service is available to IAgrE members as a benefit of membership. A member may request one address in the form member'[email protected] (such as [email protected]) and must provide an email address to which messages for this address are to be forwarded. The service is for personal use only, although further addresses will be considered for IAgrE business, such as for a branch.

The service is provided under the following conditions, and any other regulations which the IAgrE may issue.

  1. The IAgrE may modify the conditions from time to time. Any changes will be notified to users by email. Use of the service after such notification will be regarded as acceptance of the modified terms.
  2. Users are responsible for all activities that occur in connection with their address. They must not allow it to be used by third parties and must immediately notify the IAgrE at [email protected] of any unauthorised use or breach of security.
  3. Users must ensure that their IAgrE forwarding address is not used in connection with offensive material or material liable to bring the IAgrE into disrepute or material which may contravene the IAgrE Code of Conduct.
  4. The IAgrE does not accept responsibility for the messages or content which passes through its forwarding service.
  5. The IAgrE reserves the right to withdraw the service with or without notice.
  6. The service will be suspended if it not possible to forward mail to the member's forwarding address, or if the volume of traffic to a particular forwarding address gives rise to congestion.
  7. The service will be withdrawn from any user who resigns from the IAgrE or whose membership lapses.
  8. The service does not authorise the user to represent the IAgrE or to act on behalf of the IAgrE.
  9. The IAgrE reserves the right to monitor the content of emails to ensure compliance with these conditions.
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