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Coping during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these days of ‘lockdown’ many IAgrE members are still working, despite the odds, to provide the products and services to their customers that they have always offered. You will find a summary of some of their stories below with a link to their fuller stories.  If you have a story to tell that you think might help inform others then please let us know.

Hugh Crabtree, Director of Farmex and Dicam Technology Ltd (DTL) and Fellow of the Institution and Trustee member of the Executive Committee, says that he has remained operating during the current situation to supply spare parts, technical support and even new orders. The current circumstances have disrupted things but one unexpected benefit is that the cancellation of key exhibitions has provided his team with an extension of the development programme of a new piece of equipment.

Read Hugh’s story in full here

Philip Wright, Director of Wright Resolutions Ltd, says that he is still managing to work at this moment in time via two strands of his consultancy business. He equips himself with all necessary PPE as normal, and takes a letter outlining the purposes for his visit.

Read Philip’s story in full here

Phil Metcalfe, Principal Consultant with ADAS, says that ADAS continues to provide services to farming and land based industry in the areas of waste, machinery, manure management, pollution control, soils and drainage.”

Read Phil’s story in full here


Bob Watson, self-employed farm lagoon appraiser and Member of the Institution, says that in the early days of lockdown he was concerned that his work could not be considered as ‘essential’, so put all visits on hold. However, on looking more closely at the guidance based on the Statutory Instrument 2020 No. 350 (released on 26th March - sections 6f and 7b) and speaking with IAgrE’s CEO, Ed Hansom, on the phone he realised that farm lagoon appraisals could continue to be made, because he certainly could not do them at home!  To date, he has made two appraisals during lockdown.”                     

Read Bob’s story in full here

Dr. Nick Tillett, Director of Tillett & Hague Technology, says that they are continuing to supply their customers with guidance and control systems throughout Europe as well as the UK.”

Read Nick’s story in full here



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