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Branch or Group Meritorious Award


  1. The Award may be granted to an Institution Member who has consistently rendered outstanding service to Branches of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers over a number of years.
  2. Potential candidates will have served the Branch by holding office, encouraging the development of Branch activities and showing a high quality of leadership.
  3. The potential candidate will have enhanced the standing of the Institution within the Branch area.
  4. The Award is specifically intended to recognise members who have rendered service at Branch level and have not been recognised nationally.

Submission of Proposals

  1. Proposals should bear the signature of the proposer, seconder and two other signatories, all of whom must be active members of the candidate's Branch and of whom two must be current members of the Committee.
  2. Each proposal should consist of a draft citation, stating briefly the achievements of the nominee, together with an appendix giving more detailed information in support of the proposal.
  3. Proposals will be considered by the Institution Awards Panel which will forward its recommendations to Council for ratification.  
  4. The Award will be presented at the AGM/Annual Conference of either the Branch or the Institution, at the option of the recipient.