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Biosystems Engineering

Biosystems Engineering is a monthly peer reviewed scientific journal published on our behalf by Elsevier. It is wholly owned by IAgrE and is the Official Scientific Journal of EurAgEng.

With 12 issues per annum (plus occasional special issues), Biosystems Engineering publishes research in engineering and the physical sciences that represent advances in understanding or modelling of the performance of biological systems for sustainable developments in land use and the environment, agriculture and amenity, bioproduction processes and the food chain. The subject matter of the journal reflects the wide range and interdisciplinary nature of research in engineering for biological systems.

Papers may report the results of experiments, theoretical analyses, design of, or innovations relating to, machines and mechanisation systems, processes or processing methods, equipment and buildings, experimental equipment, laboratory and analytical techniques and instrumentation.

Visit full article list to view the full article list of the current edition. For further details of the depth and breadth of articles accepted for publication in Biosystems Engineering, visit aims and scope of articles accepted

Personal Subscriptions
Members of IAgrE can subscribe to Biosystems Engineering at a significantly reduced annual rate of £62 for the electronic version or £289 for the paper edition. Such subscriptions must be for personal use only and must not replace full price copies. Please contact Sarah at [email protected] for further details on how to subscribe.

Details that are freely available through Science Direct include:

  • Full title - including authors details and their affiliations and contact details
  • Research highlights – bullet points describing the main findings
  • Abstract – a full abstract up to 250 words describing the research
  • All Figures and Tables – they can viewed as a thumbnail and then expanded

To access the journal electronically go to

Note: You can also get free access to all Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research abstracts from 1965 to 2001 using the same method.

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