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Successful Collaborations Explored

Best practice in Knowledge Exchange

Many successful partnerships already exist. What sort of work is being undertaken? What are the ingredients for success and pitfalls to be avoided? Short presentations from a number of current industry and research collaborations where Knowledge Exchange has been developed, leading to successful outcomes.


Kit Franklin (Harper Adams University) and Clive Blacker (Precision Decisions)                                                               

The Harper Adams University/Precision Decisions “Hands-free Hectare” project has drawn much interest from many people and is a great example of a successful partnership. Kit and Clive will explore the partnership and how this has made the project a success as well as drawing much interest across the Globe.





Prof Simon Pearson (Director of LIAT, Lincoln University)           

Lincoln University has built up a reputation for its work with a range of partners from the food industry – particularly post-harvest and the intensive crop production and vegetable growing sector, much of this driven by work on digital technology and robotics. Simon will showcase some of his work and explain how partnership have been used to develop best practice which is already having a positive impact across in terms of food production.  Professor Pearson has recently been appointed as Principal Investigator of the new EPSCR Internet of Food Things DE Network, that aims to drive collaboration and partnerships in the agri food, academic and industry sectors.




Iain Dummett (PhD Research Student, School of Energy, Environment and Agrifood, Cranfield University)      

Ian completed his PhD on the subject of Strip Tillage, sponsored by Frontier Ag Ltd and Douglas Bomford Trust. This example will show how partners from outside pure engineering bring together science, with engineering to develop new solutions which will benefit the Precision Farming agenda.





There will be a “round table” discussion and Q&A session following these presentations

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