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IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.


Below is a list of our consultants who can help with a range of services. Please contact the members direct for more information

Mr JM Boydell MIAgrE
21 Jockey Bank

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01952 432429
Consulting and Investigating Forensic Engineer; 45 years "hands-on" Agricultural Machinery, General Engineering, Management and Construction Site Experience, including 17 years in professional practice investigating and reporting on over 450 Personal Injury, Industrial Accident and contentious Technical and Design matters, Machine failures, Troubleshooting, Product and Public Liability, Fitness for Purpose, Slips and Trips, Falls, Health & Safety Audits and Training. Professional details held in Law Society Directory of Expert Witnesses, UK Register of Expert Witnesses, APIL Register of Expert Witnesses and on the database of the Academy of Experts as a practising member and qualified mediator; trained in new CPR and single joint expert appointments and with substantial Court experience as an Expert Witness. Member of BIAC (British Institute of Agricultural Consultants).
Mr EH Elwes IEng MIAgrE
Yew Tree Cottage
Bushley Green
GL20 6JB

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01684 294316
Work Telephone: 01684 291544
Fax: 01684 291545
A German, French and English speaking qualified engineer with vast knowledge and experience of European markets and extensive commercial, contractual and legal experience. Focused on new business development and marketing in all aspects. Recent activities include selling German vehicle components and engineering to vehicle builders and operators Europe wide. Negotiating EU distribution/representation agreements for German/Australian/Canadian manufacturers. Organising trade show stands, trade missions into and out of UK. Sourcing in UK and Europe for foreign companies. Locating foreign innovative products for UK companies to distribute in UK. Managing licence agreement networks in Europe.
Mr JV Fox HonFIAgrE
Herons' Reach
Beeches Walk
CV37 7AT

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01789 293303
Work Telephone: 01789 297354
Fax: 01789 297354
Extensive experience of the design, development, manufacture and marketing of agricultural and industrial equipment, product evaluation and test, patent applications and disputes, warranty and public liability claims and litigation, personal injury and damage claims, business organisation and management for profit. Surveys, studies, technical reports, expert witness reports, executive action. Business aviation experience. Fluent French.
Mr PH Baskerville MIAgrE
53 Foxgrove Lane
IP11 7JU

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.iib.org.ws
Home Telephone: 01394 671540
Over 40s years experience in exporting agricultural machinery to African, Middle East and Far East/Asia Pacific markets. Managed international market surveys to determine the viability of establishing new markets and identifying the various routes to export markets. Worked at Director level with SME companies to identify government grants for export sales development and project funding. Provided advice and direction at Director level for SME companies for the implementation of sales and financial forecasting along with new product introduction.
Mr RT Pringle CEng MIAgrE
59 Abergeldie Road
AB10 6ED

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01224 574493
Potato Storage and Packing: - Storage facility design; troubleshooting in existing stores; advice on shipment of seed; farm and web based store climate monitoring and analysis; courses for store managers and potato packers; litigation work. Agricultural engineering: - General agricultural engineering, including farm fencing, mechanisation and mechanisation management, bulb drying and crop storage. Municipal and Industrial waste: - Separation and composting garden and catering wastes; developing new waste treatment facilities; monitoring performance of composting and separation plant; developing policies for waste treatment, waste minimisation and recycling. Sustainable technologies: - Minimisation of energy and resource use and developing carbon neutral policies. Integration of sustainable development into project planning. Environmental management systems for small businesses.
Dr WCT Chamen CEng CEnv FIAgrE
Church Cottage
Church Road
MK45 2AU

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.controlledtrafficfarming.com
Home Telephone: 01525 405121
Work Telephone: 01525 405121
Consultancy for and facilitation of controlled traffic farming systems. Design and technology transfer in the areas of engineering, agriculture and the environment. Sourcing and presentation of information in new and existing technologies with appropriately targeted documentation.
Mr DEH Pullen CEng MIAgrE
Brinkburn House
16 Church Street

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01673 862278
Work Telephone: 01673 862278
Expert witness reports on all aspects of machinery and plant operation, performance, warranties and safety. Consultancy in agricultural mechanisation, crop storage and processing, agricultural engineering, environmental and rural development sectors including international experience. Project and product development, product commercialisation, branding, asset finance, business planning for new ventures. Management of sales development including targeting prospects, developing new services, sales planning and implementing sales management software. Quality assurance for ISO 9001 certification, key result performance monitoring, staff reporting and professional development. Presentational skills include participative training techniques. An experienced speaker and presenter at conferences and seminars.
Mr SD Cartmel IEng MIAgrE
Stafford Road
ST19 5AX

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01785 712690
Work Telephone: 01785 712690
Operator and technician training services for the agricultural engineering and associated industries; Health & Safety training and advisory service including risk assessment; expert witness and accident investigation support service; technical author.
Mr PI Ross IEng MIAgrE
98 Abbotsford Gardens
Woodford Green

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 020 8505 9094
Work Telephone: 020 8530 3795
Fax: 020 8530 3795
Project management and technical support for rural development, water, livestock and agricultural production projects in the UK, transition economies and more than 20 countries worldwide. Specialist work areas include: Project management (team leader), rural planning and extension service development, diversification and rural enterprises, business planning, irrigation scheme development maintenance and management, water user association and farmer and herder groups formation, mechanisation and crop production and storage, livestock production and range management, environmental protection, mechanisation and field operations for sugar cane, international procurement.
Mr PC Baker IEng CEnv FIAgrE
5 Llys Hendre
LL18 5YF

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.bakercymru.com
Home Telephone: 01745 607381
Work Telephone: 01745 607381
Over forty years agribusiness experience in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Participated in, and successful implementation of, a varied portfolio of integrated projects, covering agricultural production, agribusiness development, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise restructuring and turnarounds, cluster development, competitive and comparative advantage analysis, supply-chain management, value-chains, post-harvest technology, storage and cold storage, bio-fuel processing, food processing, packaging, trading structures, marketing networks, market information systems and distribution channels. Managing Director/Board Member/Team Leader and/or Senior Advisor on numerous major international projects, encompassing technical, environmental, institutional, organizational, social, financial, legislative, regulatory, and strategic and policy considerations
Mr W Waddilove IEng CEnv FIAgrE
The Hollies
Priory Road
West Midlands
West Midlands

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 024 7654 4255
Work Telephone: 024 7654 4255
Production of leaflets, guide books, training and promotional material from concept to completion in a variety of media. Specialist in short and imaginative projects often with modest budgets through all stages to print. Particular expertise in engineering, agriculture, conservation and heritage. Design work includes training aids and related engineering hardware.
EurIngDr SJ Temple CEng FIAgrE
J F Temple & Son Ltd
Copys Green Farm
NR23 1NY

Email: [email protected]
Work Telephone: 01328 820224
Fax: 01328 820224
Instrumentation and control systems for agricultural and post harvest systems, including grain and produce stores in Europe, tea and tobacco worldwide. Drying modelling and control. Design and installation of instrumentation and research facilities overseas. Extensive experience in tea and tobacco post harvest operations. Experience in farm scale anaerobic digestion, including commissioning control systems, instrumentation and plant development.
Dr MJ Cooper CEng CEnv FIAgrE
5 Northwick Close

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.drsafteyltd.com/
Work Telephone: 07950 828262
25 years experience as an expert witness in the rural industries specialising in work equipment and machinery. Work in the Magistrates Court, Employment Tribunals (H&S cases), County Court, Crown Courts and Patents County Court. I have been closely involved in the training of HSE Inspectors in accident investigation techniques and can offer an opinion on the adequacy of investigations and whether the legal requirements to pursue 'all reasonable lines of enquiry' have been met. Advice on appealing Prohibition Notices. Cases have included fatal and serious accidents involving Telehandlers, Dumper Trucks, ATVs, FLTs, unloading of steelwork and other materials from vehicles, unloading of feeding materials, log splitters etc. Civil cases including contractual disputes about the safety/quality of machinery. Expert mitigation evidence in cases where a guilty plea has been entered. A particular specialism is providing opinion on the adequacy of risk assessments in legal cases (whether 'suitable and sufficient' in the circumstances). Excellent testimonials available from instructing solicitors.
Mr RC Osborne CEng FIAgrE
80 Throckmorton Road
B49 6QJ

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.alcestertechwriter.co.uk
Home Telephone: 01789 763509
Technical writing, Instruction Manual preparation, Digital illustrating, Risk Assessments, Safety Standards, CE Marking issues, Design Appraisals, Technical Reports, 3D visualisation, Internet Searches, Patent Application drafts, etc. Qualified in Mechanical Engineering with 30 years product design experience within manufacturing environment of fabricated structures, hydraulics and control systems. Specialist knowledge of many arable and vegetation control products.
Mr SA Kenny IEng MIAgrE
Parkhouse Farm
NE65 7BD

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.ruralpartners.co.uk
Home Telephone: 01669 650250
Over 20 years experience advising farmers, landowners and land agents on farm improvement schemes and rural building projects. Projects have included new East Coast Port, 200 pig an hour abattoir, packhouses and chill stores, beef units, dairy units, grain stores, farm building conversions, irrigation reservoirs, amenity lakes, land drainage and water supplies. Bureau service for landowners, land agents for GIS mapping.
Mr DJ Roe IEng MIAgrE
Manor Farm
Hykeham Road

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.farm-wind.co.uk/
Home Telephone: 01522 539500
Work Telephone: 01157 142459
Concept development and direction for capital projects in environment, agriculture, horticulture and amenity applications. Recruitment and management of specialist consultant teams. Legionnaires disease risk assessments and management solutions. Expert witness reports for water systems and machinery. Services offered in the UK, EU and global.
Mr RE McGovern CEng MIAgrE
Farm Energy Consulting Ltd
Unit 15- Netherton Business
AB51 5LX

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01339 882878
Work Telephone: 01467 643113
Farm Energy Consulting Ltd is based in Aberdeenshire & specialises in renewable energy, and other engineering applications for rural businesses. We have long experience of crop drying and storage, biomass drying and AD. Energy efficiency advice, monitoring and noise assessment are some of our key services. We have two associated consulting companies: FEC Acoustic and FEC Home. Further details may be found on our main website www.farmenergyconsulting.co.uk/
Mr MG Kay CEng FIAgrE
Moorland House
10 Hayway
NN10 6AG

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01427 717629
Work Telephone: 01427 717623
Fax: 01427 717624
I am an independent agricultural water management consultant and a writer/editor who specialises in knowledge transfer; who understands natural resources development and environmental issues; can write good, plain English in an interesting and informative style; critically synthesize issues from a range of sources, organize and run meetings, workshops, and conferences; and produce well presented communication materials – documents, booklets, and websites – on time and in budget. Clients include donor agencies, government, and private sector organisations – AfDB Tunis, ASARECA Nairobi, Booker Tate Ltd, Cranfield University, DfID, FAO, IFAD, IHE Delft, ILRI Wageningen, Imperial College London, Kilimo Trust Kampala, UK Irrigation Association, UNCTAD, World Bank, and Wye College London.
Mr RA Boak CEng MIAgrE
80 Upper Road

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.richardboak.com
Home Telephone: 01743 367660
30 years of professional experience as an agricultural engineer and hydrogeologist. Particular expertise in: water resources planning and policy; groundwater development, management and protection; small-scale rural water supplies, including rainwater harvesting; borehole design, construction and test pumping; groundwater abstraction licensing; groundwater/surface water interaction; and assessment of the environmental effects of groundwater abstraction. Extensive international experience, with a strong focus on Africa, and Swahili-speaking as a result. Chartered Geologist in addition to Chartered Engineer.
Dr AN Marchant CEng FIAgrE
Longlands Cottage
Church Road
Newton Abbot
TQ13 9QE

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.hennock.co.uk
Home Telephone: 01626 833968
Work Telephone: 01626 833661
Fax: 01626 832115
Glasshouse engineering design (commercial, garden centre and amenity) and project management, including planning permission, internal transport systems and container benching. Combined heat and power (CHP) systems, heating, irrigation, computer control. Post harvest engineering - cassava drying, flash drier development, sweet potato storage and processing. International projects across Africa, Middle East and
Mr RC Balls AMIAgrE
24A Bedford Road
Houghton Conquest
MK45 3LS

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01234 741846
Work Telephone: 01234 741846
Fax: 01234 741846
Post harvest engineering of temperate fruit, vegetables and potatoes in UK and overseas. Investigation and solution of problems in stores and produce drying/cooling systems. Design of produce packaging and primary food processing facilities to meet national and customer's standards in food quality and hygiene requirements, including disposal systems for packing and processing wastes. Selection of equipment and facilities involved in farm diversification into food and drinks production, including novel processes. Design of specialist and novel equipment in all areas of horticulture. Co-developer of high voltage weed electrocution systems. Expert witness in the above areas.
Mr PN Leech IEng HonFIAgrE
Ingoldsby Farmhouse
NG33 4EJ

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: 01476 585535
Forty two years working with one leading manufacturer primarily in Customer & Product Support and Training. UK and international experience in technical support, customer satisfaction and management, dealer and employee training (technical, sales, management, leadership) apprenticeship programmes, LTA implementation, parts systems, logistics, dealer development and service contracts/extended warranties. Advice and consultancy projects undertaken on any of those subjects with special focus on training systems, apprenticeships, LTA and Customer Satisfaction. Consultancy projects have included developing the Training for Business initiative of the AEA, helping AGCO implement the LTA programme, and working with other companies such as Househam Sprayers and Great Plains Manufacturing. I am also UK/European Ambassador and consultant for Satisfyd the brand name of Strategic Feedback Inc. a leading supplier of Customer Experience Management programmes bespoke to the farm equipment industry globally
Mr AC Newbold CEng FIAgrE
Killington Hall Farm
Kirkby Lonsdale

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.newmac.org.uk
Home Telephone: 01539 620602
Work Telephone: 015396 20255
Fax: 0845 652 2327
Machinery safety, particularly CE marking, European Product standards, especially with grain handling and drying equipment. Machine risk assessment. Accident investigation with reference to machine safety and compliance with EU legislation. Expert witness with regard to industrial accidents involving machinery and human error. Overseas consultancy undertaken.
Mr JP Middleton CEng MIAgrE
Engineering Solutions (U)Ltd
Plot 7- Spring Close
PO Box 25349

Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.engsol.co.ug
Home Telephone: +256 755 701239
Work Telephone: +256 393 264221
Mechanisation planning and machinery specifications for tropical agriculture and forestry. Design and development of agricultural trailers and farm machinery. Design and installation of post harvest crop handling and processing plants. Design of irrigation and water management systems. Preparation and assessment of project proposals. Training courses and literature for operators and maintenance personnel. Project management for tractor rehabilitation, rural road maintenance and land development projects.
EurIng J Newton CEng CEnv FIAgrE
Les Renaudies
Nantheuil de Thiviers

Email: [email protected]
Home Telephone: +33 5 53523533
Rural development specialist with over 30 years overseas experience in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Caribbean and CIS. Project/programme identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation. Rural development, community participation, institutional strengthening & microprojects. Water sector, rural infrastructure, labour intensive and conventional rural roads. International procurement for works, goods and services.
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