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Membership & Registration at a Glance
IAgrE is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries. Click the icons to find out more.


The membership fees are listed below. If you wish to pay your fees online, please log in and click on 'Subscriptions'.

Information on tax relief on IAgrE and EngC fees

Membership fees for 2017 (£)‚Äč

Class of Membership

Direct debit   Cheque or
debit/credit card
Fellow 138.00   143.00
Member 121.00   126.00
1st & 2nd years of membership 41.00   46.00
3rd & 4th years of membership 66.00   71.00
Year 5 et seq 88.00   93.00
Affiliate 1st & 2nd years of membership 41.00   46.00
3rd & 4th years of membership 66.00   71.00
Year 5 et seq 93.00   98.00
Undergraduate 20.00   20.00
Technician  New Introductory Rate for 2017 30.00   35.00
Douglas Bomford Trust sponsored -   -
Retired Rates
Fellow 69.00   74.00
Member 60.50   65.50
Associate Member 46.50   51.50
Associate 44.00   49.00
Society for the Environment Registration
Chartered Environmentalist 41.00  
Registered Environmental Technician 15.00  
Engineering Council Registration
Chartered Engineer 37.90  
Incorporated Engineer 32.00  
Engineering Technician 18.40  
Interim Registration (all levels) 13.50  
Retired Rates
Chartered Engineer 17.10  
Incorporated Engineer 14.30  
Engineering Technician 8.20  
Registration Management Fee
(For those registered with EngC and/or SocEnv)
Chartered Engineer/Chartered Environmentalist 24.00 (20+VAT)
Incorporated Engineer 18.00 (15+VAT)
Engineering Technician 12.00 (10+VAT)
Process Fee on admission to IAgrE and on upgrading
Fellow & Member -admission  / All upgrades 25.00
Associate Member & Associate - admission 10.00
Process Fee in year of entry to EngC or CEnv
Chartered Engineer/Chartered Environmentalist 130.00
Incorporated Engineer 90.00
Engineering Technician 35.00
Additional Fee for EurAgEng
Hon Fellow, Fellow & Member (excluding those on retired rates) 10.00  
Associate Member & Associate (plus all grades on retired rates) Optional  

For citizens of the less developed economies of the world, IAgrE can offer reduced rates.

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