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Introduction to LTA


The objective of the LTA scheme is to provide a nationwide means of benchmarking, monitoring and assessing the competence of technicians employed within the sector. The scheme will also provide encouragement and recognition for both employers and technicians who voluntarily commit to continual professional development in pursuit of technical support excellence.

There are four categories or tiers with all tiers being registered on a central database held by IAgrE.

  • LTA Initial Registration – Self registration on-line. Entries on this register would be categorised as Students on a recognised landbased engineering course at a recognised Landbased engineering college, OR Apprentices (on recognised programmes) OR more skilled/mature entrants not yet otherwise assessed and categorised. There is currently no charge to register.
  • LTA Intermediate Tier - Newly qualified apprentices or assessed skilled technician meeting the required criteria.
  • LTA Advanced Tier - A skilled & experienced technician who has successfully attended a series of assessed course programmes - may be a product specialist.
  • LTA Master Tier - A professional technician having a proven and assessed track record. Additional assessment criteria are included to demonstrate exceptional diagnostic and technical ability together with customer and technical mentoring skills.