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Smarter Farming for Soils Health & Water Management

Smarter Farming for Soils Health & Water Management

How can “smart agriculture” help farmers improve the health of their soils and optimise water use efficiency? That’s the question we’ll be tackling in the second in our series of meetings in partnership with the SMART-AKIS EU Smart Farming platform.

Automated irrigation scheduling and remote soils monitoring are already in commercial use on some farms – but the innovation pipeline is brimming with new ways to help growers make best use of some of their key resources. With a series of short talks from industry and academia you’ll hear how these technologies are being used on farms, as well as having the opportunity to have your say about the practical aspects of embedding these new practices in your business and what you want to see the future hold. We’ll also be considering data transmission between on-farm devices, the cloud and the grower and how this information can lead to greater knowledge about crop performance and the well-being of soils.

This event will feature introductions to exciting companies with innovative new technologies already in the market and some of Cranfield’s research. There will also be a visit to see some of the research facilities at Cranfield after the workshop.

Taking place from 10am – 3pm on Thursday 14th September, this event is FREE to attend but prompt registration is essential. 4 BASIS points are available to attendees.

Workshop run by Agri-Tech East and Smart AKIS, the European Network for Smart Farming.

Contact Dave Tinker [email protected] or 077 257 40381

14/09/2017 - 10am - 3pm
Cranfield University, College Road, Cranfield MK43 0AL